1. Restrings

  2. Action Jobs

  3. Saddle Fits & Nut Fits

  4. Neck Resets

  5. Refrets

  6. Intonation Adjustments

  7. Bridge Removal and Reglues

  8. Pickup Installations

  9. Jack and Pickup Repairs

  10. Brace Repairs

  11. Crack and Broken Parts Repair

  12. Tuning Machine Installations

  13. Detailing

  1. Set-ups

  2. Intonations

  3. Restrings

  4. Fret Dresses

  5. Nut Installations

  6. Tuning Machine Installations

  7. Refrets

  8. Installation of Pickups,
    Jack Switches & more

  9. Routing

  10. Gluing

  11. Detailing 

Our Guitar Techs are experts in everything from basic restrings to neck resets & other major structural damage that needs fixing to make your instrument whole once again.

Pre-ball end original strings from an 1864 Martin

Acoustic & Electric Guitar and Bass






  1. Head, 5th String Capo, HO R.R. Spikes, Geared 5th Installations


  1. Restrings

  2. Sound Post Sets

  3. Bridge Fits

  4. Fine Tuner Installations

  5. New Tailpiece or Tailgut Installations


  1. Restrings

  2. Bridge or Action Adjustments


  1. Restrings

  2. Detailing

Resonator Guitar

  1. Set-ups

  2. Cone Replacement

  3. Bridge Inserts

Pedal Steel

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Electric Guitar & Bass Repairs

Acoustic Instrument Repairs

Acoustic Guitar & Bass Repairs

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